How to prepare your garden tools for the winter

Man Starting Lawnmower, Orange Lawnmower

When temperatures begin to drop and the final leaves are off the trees, but before the snow flies, your small engine and tool resource in Brampton, Kingspoint Small Engine, would really like to pass along some tips to extend the life of your gardening tools. Don’t misunderstand: while the staff at this family operated business would love to see you purchase new tools, they would far rather you visit their shop for positive reasons. A little winter preparation can really pay off when spring arrives, so do not forget that your garden tools will definitely benefit from a little care before the peak season arrives once more.

While much of this is really common sense, it does bear repeating. Good tools are expensive. Take good care of yours, and they’ll contribute to many years of productive gardening.

For example, always remove all dried or caked-on dirt off any shovel, spade, shears, fork or trowel with a wire brush, then rinse and dry thoroughly. Consider sanding off any rust spots with fine sandpaper or steel wool, and coat the metal with vegetable oil or spray with a readily available lubricant.

For some tools that will benefit from sharpening, such as a spade or shears, you may, if so inclined, do so yourself with a whetstone or file. Working at a 45-degree angle, start at the outer edge and move toward the centre. You might consider removing the blade from your lawnmower to allow easier access to clean the underside and the deck of a season’s worth of grass and muck buildup. Take all blades in to Kingspoint, and have them professionally sharpened.

Should your tools be stored outside in a shed without any climatic control, also consider wiping a light coating of linseed oil or paste wax on all wooden handles to preserve them and prevent cracking or splitting due to extreme cold temperatures, since wood will naturally dry out.

Bring water hoses in out of the weather, and ensure that they’re properly drained and coiled correctly, ensuring all kinks are removed. Obvious splits or cracks? If repairable, do so with a readily available repair kit.

Regardless, always contact Kingspoint Small Engine by calling either 905-453-8048 or 905-453-9590 or via email for seasonal advice. The shop is located at 50 Van Kirk Drive, Unit 3 in Brampton, with ample free parking available.