Portable power generators: Life-saving benefits and convenience

Portable Generators

In the event you should ever be without electrical power, Kingspoint Small Engine in Brampton shares the following info about portable power generators and why they can be so valuable.

Portable electric generators produce electricity. When a regular electrical power supply isn’t working, which can happen during a power outage or when electricity simply isn’t available due to location, a generator provides that electricity.

Portable power generators use gas-powered engines. The main components of a generator consist of an internal combustion engine, an alternator, a starter, a fuel tank and power outlets. A gas-powered engine spins an alternator to create electricity. The power outlets allow for the connection of extension cords and electricity-driven devices like power tools and appliances. The more powerful the generator, the more electricity is generated. Portable generators are easy to use, powerful, safe, reliable and mobile.

The advantages of power generators range from comfort and convenience to more serious roles:

•    Power backup for home and business: If you’ve ever experienced a power outage, especially one that lasts several days in a cold winter, you’ll understand the value of having an alternate power source. A generator can keep food cool in the refrigerator, power medical appliances, provide you with computer and Internet access, run fans and air conditioners, and much more.

•    Power supply for contractors: For job sites that don’t have power, a portable generator can deliver the necessary power to run a full range of power tools and equipment.

•    Electricity for campsites and recreation: Going without electricity isn’t necessary, and in many cases may not be recommended. Power generators will give you the electricity you need to run everything from coffee makers and electric stoves to portable lights and bug zappers.

•    Peace of mind for remote living or severe climates: Canada has many regions where severe weather and a lack of electricity can be life-threatening. In such cases, a generator can be a lifesaver while also providing comfort and convenience.

Portable generators are used most frequently in emergency situations — so the unit must work properly at that time. If you have a power generator, take the time to have it serviced now and address any required repairs and maintenance.

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