Care and upkeep of lawnmowers and chainsaws

Man Using Chainsaw, Tree Cutting

The arrival of spring means it’s time for lawnmowers and chainsaws, and small engine repair expert Kingspoint Small Engine in Brampton can help ensure those power tools work the way they should.


Many people will relate to the way lawnmowers refuse to start each spring, but there are ways to maintain your lawnmower so that it starts and works reliably. Prior to storing the mower at the end of the season, it’s recommended that all gasoline be drained. You can run the mower dry with that last mowing of the season, or manually drain the remaining gas. This is important because old gas is the main reason why mowers won’t start in the spring. Other tips include the following:

•    Check the oil, spark plugs and air filters: Be sure to change any old or contaminated oil in your lawnmower. Next, spark plugs are inexpensive and easy to change, and they should be changed every year or two. Following this, check the air filter; a dirty or clogged filter will place undue stress on the mower and reduce efficiency. Filters are also cheap and easy to replace.

•    Clean the blades and undercarriage: This should be done prior to storing. Most of us are familiar with all that caked-on grass that can clog the discharge chute. Make sure you practise proper safety protocols: disconnect the spark plug and use work gloves with the right tools to do the cleaning, keeping your hands free of the blades.

•    Sharpen the blades: Sharp blades provide a clean-cut lawn, whereas dull blades just rip and tear at the grass. If you have the tools and the skill, you can sharpen the blades with a metal file and vice. The easier method is to have a repair shop take care of the sharpening when the mower is brought in for servicing.


Some of the best advice about maintaining a chainsaw involves being familiar with the model of chainsaw along with proper handling and safety. For these reasons, begin by learning about proper use and care from the owner’s manual. While using the saw, make sure it’s properly lubricated and has sufficient oil. Don’t ever jam the blade. As well, allow the chainsaw to cool down every so often while in use. Excessive heat and friction from cutting can make the chain and blades warp. After use, ensure the chain has the proper amount of tension and check that the chain blades haven’t become overly dull. Check lubricant levels, and, if possible, take the time to clean away the sawdust and any dirt that may have accumulated before storing.  

Professional tune-ups and servicing

Garden power tools undergo considerable wear and tear in their duties to keep your lawn and garden in good form. These can be dangerous devices, and for this reason they do require regular servicing. Proper regular maintenance will ensure optimum, safe performance.

Kingspoint Small Engine provides complete repair services for all types of small engines, including all brands of lawnmowers, chainsaws, generators, power washers and winches. Kingspoint has been in business for over 20 years and carries an extensive supply of parts and also sells new and used equipment.