Choosing the right snow blower

Snow Blowers

When it comes to choosing between shovelling by hand or using a snow blower to clear snow, Kingspoint Small Engine in Brampton thinks it’s a pretty easy decision, since snow blowers will clear the snow much more efficiently and without causing you any back strain. However, you want to make sure you’re getting the right snow blower for your needs.

Single-stage snow blowers are perfect for small snow removal jobs like clearing sidewalks, walkways and short driveways right down to the pavement. Their design uses a single high-speed rotor to both scoop up the snow and discharge it out of the chute in one motion. They are light, compact and easy to manoeuvre, and work well for light to moderate snowfalls.

The two-stage snow blower is the most popular design, and performs snow removal in two separate stages. One or more augers collect the snow and then transfer it into the impeller, which blows the snow out the discharge chute. This more powerful machine can chew up snow and ice and works well on any surface, including gravel driveways, as it doesn’t clean as close to the ground as a single-stage snow blower.

Similar to a two-stage snow blower, the three-stage snow blower has a third high-speed auger designed to clear a large amount of snow as quickly as possible, making it ideal for big snow removal jobs.

Kingspoint carries a good selection of snow blower brands, and the qualified small engine repair technicians can service industry-leading makes like Toro® and Briggs & Stratton®.

Kingspoint Small Engine serves customers in Brampton and the surrounding area with the sales, service and repair of a wide array of small engines. The service facility also carries an extensive inventory of small engine parts.

Winter in Canada: The importance of snow blower maintenance

Snow Blowers

Even the toughest Canadian winters should be no match for a good quality snow blower, provided the motor and parts are kept in good working order, says small engine repair specialist Kingspoint Small Engine in Brampton.

The problem is that most people don’t think about snow blower maintenance until it’s too late. Even top brand snow blowers require servicing. Think of your snow blower as you would your car, and it’ll put the need for proper care into perspective.

Any time you’re having problems with your snow blower, it’s recommended that you first refer to your owner’s manual for troubleshooting. Most manuals are available online. You’ll want to do some basic checks to ensure reliable starts and operation: putting fresh gasoline in the machine, checking the proper oil level and quality, checking the status of the spark plugs, and priming the engine are all fundamental tasks.

As for when it comes time to store your snow blower, look into the use of a fuel treatment/stabilizer to make sure the gas doesn’t get stale — this is something you can read about in your owner’s manual or check with a qualified service centre. You should also switch off the fuel (assuming your unit has a fuel shut-off). This is generally good advice if you ever have to transport the machine, because shutting off the fuel can prevent flooding the carburetor or spilling fuel. One more tip about end-of-season care: at the close of each season, it’s advisable to hand-wash your snow blower. The cleaning should be done when the unit is off and the temperature is above freezing — and never use your hands to clean or clear the chute. Use a clean tool and rag, and wear work gloves while keeping your fingers clear of moving parts.

Any kind of snow blower servicing and repair should be done by technicians who have the qualifications and expertise. This will ensure the safe and proper operation of the machine without voiding an existing warranty.

In the Brampton region, you can turn to Kingspoint Small Engine for all servicing and repairs. Kingspoint uses qualified master technicians and services all leading brands, such as Toro®, Briggs & Stratton®, Husqvarna®, Ariens® and many others. Kingspoint specializes in small engine repair services for all makes of snow blowers, generators, chainsaws, power mowers, power washers and more. Kingspoint also carries an extensive supply of small engine parts as well as new and used equipment.

4 things to consider when purchasing a portable generator

Portable Generators

Kingspoint Small Engine in Brampton understands the importance of having an alternate source of electrical power in the event of a power outage due to a snowstorm or other emergency.

Small mobile generators are also convenient for camping in remote areas, or when you’re remodelling your home and either the power needs to be shut off or it doesn’t reach the work area.

There are many models of portable electric power generators to choose from, so it’s important to consider some factors so that you can select the one that is most economical and serviceable, particularly in an emergency situation.

•    Fuel tank capacity: The size of the tank will determine how long the small portable electric generator will run. However, consumption rates may differ among models, so ask about energy efficiency when purchasing. Gasoline-powered generators are the most common, for convenience, but there are also models that run on propane or natural gas.

•    Power output: Tally up the wattage of the appliances or tools you will be running at the same time to ensure you select a generator that will cover the load. Bear in mind that devices with electric motors may need extra wattage to start up, which can increase requirements.

•    Portability and convenience: If you’re going to be toting the portable energy generator, you want it to be easy to move, so weight will be a factor. Some larger-scale portable generators will have wheels. Also look for ones that operate with an easy touch starter, as some designs can be hard to start.

•    Maintenance: Failing to have any portable generator regularly serviced can be very detrimental to its ability to run properly. Kingspoint Small Engine offers preventative maintenance services and repairs for generators and all types of small engines.

The many impressive benefits of snow blowers


It should come as no surprise that snow blowers offer a tremendous number of benefits when dealing with our famed Canadian snow, but, as Kingspoint Small Engine in Brampton points out, some of these benefits include being good for your health.

Beyond the sheer ease of moving all that snow, the benefits of snow blowers can be directly related to some important health issues. It may surprise you to learn that shovelling snow is responsible for an increase in heart attacks. In fact, Harvard Health Publications (Harvard Medical School) cites in an online article dated June 20, 2016, that “snow shovelling is a known trigger for heart attacks.” This is because most people who shovel snow don’t regularly exercise. When heavy amounts of the white stuff hit the ground, people head out to shovel the snow and tend to overexert themselves. The article actually states that emergency rooms in the snowbelt prepare for extra cases with heavier snowfalls.

In addition to this, using a snow blower can also save you back and shoulder problems. The physical requirements of shovelling snow manually are a common cause of lower back pain, strains and worse. People are also more inclined to slip and fall when shovelling snow manually as opposed to using a snow blower.

Beyond the health benefits, snow blowers will save you scads of time. What once took hours of arduous labour with a shovel will now have you back indoors on that cold blustery winter’s day playing gin rummy. Furthermore, snow blowers can cover huge amounts of terrain, and the excellent results make walkways and driveways clear and safe.

Snowfall is a fact of life in Canada. Even British Columbia is now known for heavy snowfall — so be sure to have your snow blower serviced and ready for that next snowfall!

Kingsport Small Engine in Brampton specializes in small engine repair and maintenance. Kingsport’s full range of services covers all service and repair work for snow blowers, power mowers, generators, chainsaws, power washers, winches, and more. Kingsport has a full supply of parts and also sells new and used equipment. If you need any small engine repairs, or need advice on the right snow blower for your needs, call Kingsport Small Engine.

Portable power generators: Life-saving benefits and convenience

Portable Generators

In the event you should ever be without electrical power, Kingspoint Small Engine in Brampton shares the following info about portable power generators and why they can be so valuable.

Portable electric generators produce electricity. When a regular electrical power supply isn’t working, which can happen during a power outage or when electricity simply isn’t available due to location, a generator provides that electricity.

Portable power generators use gas-powered engines. The main components of a generator consist of an internal combustion engine, an alternator, a starter, a fuel tank and power outlets. A gas-powered engine spins an alternator to create electricity. The power outlets allow for the connection of extension cords and electricity-driven devices like power tools and appliances. The more powerful the generator, the more electricity is generated. Portable generators are easy to use, powerful, safe, reliable and mobile.

The advantages of power generators range from comfort and convenience to more serious roles:

•    Power backup for home and business: If you’ve ever experienced a power outage, especially one that lasts several days in a cold winter, you’ll understand the value of having an alternate power source. A generator can keep food cool in the refrigerator, power medical appliances, provide you with computer and Internet access, run fans and air conditioners, and much more.

•    Power supply for contractors: For job sites that don’t have power, a portable generator can deliver the necessary power to run a full range of power tools and equipment.

•    Electricity for campsites and recreation: Going without electricity isn’t necessary, and in many cases may not be recommended. Power generators will give you the electricity you need to run everything from coffee makers and electric stoves to portable lights and bug zappers.

•    Peace of mind for remote living or severe climates: Canada has many regions where severe weather and a lack of electricity can be life-threatening. In such cases, a generator can be a lifesaver while also providing comfort and convenience.

Portable generators are used most frequently in emergency situations — so the unit must work properly at that time. If you have a power generator, take the time to have it serviced now and address any required repairs and maintenance.

Kingspoint Small Engine performs the best generator repairs and preventative maintenance services for all types of small engines. Kingspoint has been in business for over 20 years and provides servicing for all makes of generators, chainsaws, power mowers, power washers, winches and more.

Care and upkeep of lawnmowers and chainsaws

Man Using Chainsaw, Tree Cutting

The arrival of spring means it’s time for lawnmowers and chainsaws, and small engine repair expert Kingspoint Small Engine in Brampton can help ensure those power tools work the way they should.


Many people will relate to the way lawnmowers refuse to start each spring, but there are ways to maintain your lawnmower so that it starts and works reliably. Prior to storing the mower at the end of the season, it’s recommended that all gasoline be drained. You can run the mower dry with that last mowing of the season, or manually drain the remaining gas. This is important because old gas is the main reason why mowers won’t start in the spring. Other tips include the following:

•    Check the oil, spark plugs and air filters: Be sure to change any old or contaminated oil in your lawnmower. Next, spark plugs are inexpensive and easy to change, and they should be changed every year or two. Following this, check the air filter; a dirty or clogged filter will place undue stress on the mower and reduce efficiency. Filters are also cheap and easy to replace.

•    Clean the blades and undercarriage: This should be done prior to storing. Most of us are familiar with all that caked-on grass that can clog the discharge chute. Make sure you practise proper safety protocols: disconnect the spark plug and use work gloves with the right tools to do the cleaning, keeping your hands free of the blades.

•    Sharpen the blades: Sharp blades provide a clean-cut lawn, whereas dull blades just rip and tear at the grass. If you have the tools and the skill, you can sharpen the blades with a metal file and vice. The easier method is to have a repair shop take care of the sharpening when the mower is brought in for servicing.


Some of the best advice about maintaining a chainsaw involves being familiar with the model of chainsaw along with proper handling and safety. For these reasons, begin by learning about proper use and care from the owner’s manual. While using the saw, make sure it’s properly lubricated and has sufficient oil. Don’t ever jam the blade. As well, allow the chainsaw to cool down every so often while in use. Excessive heat and friction from cutting can make the chain and blades warp. After use, ensure the chain has the proper amount of tension and check that the chain blades haven’t become overly dull. Check lubricant levels, and, if possible, take the time to clean away the sawdust and any dirt that may have accumulated before storing.  

Professional tune-ups and servicing

Garden power tools undergo considerable wear and tear in their duties to keep your lawn and garden in good form. These can be dangerous devices, and for this reason they do require regular servicing. Proper regular maintenance will ensure optimum, safe performance.

Kingspoint Small Engine provides complete repair services for all types of small engines, including all brands of lawnmowers, chainsaws, generators, power washers and winches. Kingspoint has been in business for over 20 years and carries an extensive supply of parts and also sells new and used equipment.

A trusted resource when buying pre-owned or new power equipment

Lawn Mowers

Kingspoint Small Engine is an easily accessible, one-stop small engine sales and service centre for urban and rural customers in Brampton, Halton Hills, Caledon, Orangeville and the surrounding areas.

If you are in business as a contractor and work on industrial job sites, Kingspoint can repair and service all your small-engine machinery. Product sales and service is available for new and used power equipment, which includes lawnmowers, trimmers, leaf blowers and snow blowers. Kingspoint’s parts inventory is extensive, and if you require a part that isn’t in stock, it will be specially ordered for you.

This family owned and operated business has an impressive 20-plus-year history and consistently manages to accomplish new standards of excellence by always providing customers with the very best in sales and service.

Not only can this versatile establishment service and repair all the equipment you rely upon to run your business, or take care of your home and property, but it also sells a wide range of brand new and reconditioned, previously owned equipment and accessories. Everything you could imagine or want is all under the one roof from most of the top names in the business, including Husqvarna®, Briggs & Stratton®, Ryobi®, Toro®, Black & Decker™ and Honda, to name a few. If you have a need for a wide choice of quality power tools, snow blowers, lawn mowers, generators or pressure washers, chances are great that this business will be able to accommodate you. If it runs on a small engine of some description, you will likely find it under the roof of this one-stop resource for your home and business.

Preventative maintenance tips to extend the life of your power equipment

Red Lawn Mower

Kingspoint Small Engine in Brampton reminds us about the importance of preventative maintenance for small engines and power equipment to prevent premature wear and other problems. What follows are tips from the experts.

There are a number of things you can do to keep small engine equipment working properly and efficiently, as well as extend that engine’s life. Although much of what is recommended here is something you may be able to do on your own, some functions are best left to a qualified repair facility.

Fuel: Always use a high grade fuel. Higher grade gas has less ethanol and the fundamental problem with ethanol is that it’s hygroscopic, which means it draws water from the air. This is bad for carburetors and other engine parts, including the seals, because water and ethanol are corrosive, thus leading to possible engine damage.

Fuel begins to go bad within 30 days. It’s important to know this because what you want to avoid is leaving that fuel in your equipment. One solution is to use a fuel stabilizer, which can minimize the oxidation process. It’s generally best to put the stabilizer in the fuel tank when the tank is near empty and then fill the tank with gas. Then, by filling the tank entirely, any remaining bad gas will be diluted and there will be less chance of corrosion.

Alternatively, for storage during the off-season, run the engine dry and don’t leave any remaining fuel inside. Otherwise, you may later discover that you’ve got an issue with the carburetor and your equipment may not start.

Although the following tasks vary in complexity, each are recommended as preventative maintenance procedures:

Clean the engine: an air cooled engine should have its cooling fins cleaned if those fins become clogged with dirt. Methods of cleaning can vary. Engine covers should be removed. Compressed air, solvent, and a cloth can be used for cleaning but compressed air should be used with caution when directing the air. Use goggles and protective gear.

Change the oil: Crankcase oil in four-cycle engines should be checked every so often.

You can get into the habit of checking the oil whenever you add fuel. Engine oil can be changed easily after running the engine until it’s warm. Then, turn off the engine and disconnect the spark plug. The oil drain plug is located near the bottom of the crankcase.

Drain fully. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for oil.

Spark plugs: These should be removed periodically for inspection and cleaning, or for replacement.

Depending on your “do-it-yourself” skills, attending to each of the following tasks before each new season of use will ensure your power equipment lasts for years, but some understanding of engines and their components is recommended: lubricate cables, clean the air cleaner before each new season, and clean the crankcase breather assembly. As well, depending on the type of equipment and the manufacturer’s recommendations, you may need to have the muffler, battery, and cooling system checked and serviced.

For the finest in small engine maintenance service and repairs, Kingspoint Small Engine in Brampton specializes in the repair and maintenance of all small engines, power equipment and tools. Kingspoint is an authorized warranty service centre for all major manufacturers. Total available services and products include an extensive inventory of parts, and a great selection of new and used lawn and garden power equipment.

Kingspoint also provides lawnmower blade sharpening and chain saw blade sharpening. If you don’t have the means to drop off your equipment, Kingspoint can arrange pick-up and delivery of equipment for your convenience.

Contact Kingspoint Small Engine by calling 905-453-8048 or 905-453-9590. Kingspoint Small Engine is located at 50 Van Kirk Drive, Unit 3, Brampton, Ontario. Free parking is available.

One-stop small engine shop in Brampton handles all customer requirements

Leaf Blower, Fall Maintenance

Kingspoint Small Engine in Brampton is a one-stop small engine shop that expertly fulfills any customer requirement for power equipment. Keep the company’s contact info on hand because this is the only small engine repair-and-service shop you’ll ever need!

“Small engine” is something of a general term, but most of us tend to understand the reference based on our tools and machinery. A great deal of outdoor power equipment use small engines. As well, the total number of household and industrial machinery that use small engines can vary substantially: lawnmowers (both electric and gas-powered), garden tractors, tillers, concrete mixers, portable generators, leaf blowers, snow blowers, power tools… the list is extensive.

Power equipment can be very expensive to replace – and finding expert technicians that can repair and service small engines of any sort can be a challenge. This is where Kingspoint Small Engine comes in. At the core of Kingspoint is their impressive ability to repair any small engine. Backed by the shop’s qualified expertise, everything is done right the first time. Technicians are certified master technicians who are happy to work with all clients. As testament to the shop’s impressive capabilities, Kingspoint is an authorized warranty service centre for all major manufacturers.

In addition to repairs, the shop offers so much more. Product sales and service is available for new and used power equipment, which includes lawnmowers, trimmers, leaf blowers, and snow blowers. Parts inventory is extensive. If you require a part that isn’t in stock, it will be specially ordered for you. If there’s something you need, be sure to ask because you’ll find Kingspoint to be very resourceful. They also welcome new and used equipment. In short, Kingspoint Small Engine is your one-stop shop for all small engine power equipment needs.

Kingspoint Small Engine is in an easily accessible location for urban and rural-based customers in Brampton, the west and northwest part of the GTA, plus Halton Hills, Caledon, and Orangeville. If you have small engine power equipment that needs maintenance or repairs, Kingston Small Engine will handle all your requirements. For those of you on industrial jobsites, Kingspoint can repair and service all your small-engine machinery.

Contact Kingspoint Small Engine by calling 905-453-8048 or 905-453-9590. Kingspoint Small Engine is located at 50 Van Kirk Drive, Unit 3, Brampton, Ontario. Free parking is available.

Big or Small, Kingspoint Small Engine repairs them all!

Man Changing Socket Wrench, Tools

When it comes to small engine repairs, Kingspoint Small Engine in Brampton makes the bold claim that, big or small, they can fix them all. It turns out that this expert small engine service-and-repair facility, with its top-notch services and qualifications is right – they can do it all!

Having the ability to handle the repairs and servicing for any small engine power equipment and do it expertly well is usually rare. Not so rare, mind you, if you’re Kingspoint Small Engine on Bovaird Drive West in Brampton. This shop is a pros-pro resource for small-engines. Just check out the qualifications… certified master technicians, the ability to fix any small power apparatus, an excellent parts inventory, sales of new and used power equipment, plus more than 20 years in business and a combined experience in the shop that totals over 40 years!

Expertise at this small-engine service centre is so proven that a long list of brand-name manufacturers have made Kingspoint Small Engine their authorized warranty “go-to” service centre.

The list of brand-name manufacturers reads like a “who’s who” of top line brands, including:


Black & Decker

Briggs & Stratton


Cub Cadet






Plus More!

Kingspoint can repair lawn mowers, tillers, leaf blowers, snow blowers, generators, air compressors, power tools (such as table saws), power washers, carburetors, and even garden tractors. The business also offers lawn mower blade sharpening, chainsaw sharpening, and other tool repair and maintenance services.

Plus, if you need small engine parts, Kingspoint maintains a large inventory of parts and will be quick to expedite a special order if they don’t have what you need in stock.

Most of us don’t have the skill or experience to know when a power tool or piece of machinery can or can’t be properly repaired. Rather than making the mistake of thinking you need to replace your lawnmower or other pricey equipment, let Kingspoint determine the requirements for repair.

If you don’t have the means to drop off your equipment, Kingspoint can arrange pick-up and delivery. Kingspoint Small Engine prides itself on being able to make any required repair correctly the first time. These are certified master technicians and they are expert at their trade. Big or small, Kingspoint Small Engine can fix them all!

Contact Kingspoint Small Engine by calling 905-453-8048 or 905-453-9590. Kingspoint Small Engine is located at 50 Van Kirk Drive, Unit 3, Brampton, Ontario. Free parking is available.