Winter in Canada: The importance of snow blower maintenance

Snow Blowers

Even the toughest Canadian winters should be no match for a good quality snow blower, provided the motor and parts are kept in good working order, says small engine repair specialist Kingspoint Small Engine in Brampton.

The problem is that most people don’t think about snow blower maintenance until it’s too late. Even top brand snow blowers require servicing. Think of your snow blower as you would your car, and it’ll put the need for proper care into perspective.

Any time you’re having problems with your snow blower, it’s recommended that you first refer to your owner’s manual for troubleshooting. Most manuals are available online. You’ll want to do some basic checks to ensure reliable starts and operation: putting fresh gasoline in the machine, checking the proper oil level and quality, checking the status of the spark plugs, and priming the engine are all fundamental tasks.

As for when it comes time to store your snow blower, look into the use of a fuel treatment/stabilizer to make sure the gas doesn’t get stale — this is something you can read about in your owner’s manual or check with a qualified service centre. You should also switch off the fuel (assuming your unit has a fuel shut-off). This is generally good advice if you ever have to transport the machine, because shutting off the fuel can prevent flooding the carburetor or spilling fuel. One more tip about end-of-season care: at the close of each season, it’s advisable to hand-wash your snow blower. The cleaning should be done when the unit is off and the temperature is above freezing — and never use your hands to clean or clear the chute. Use a clean tool and rag, and wear work gloves while keeping your fingers clear of moving parts.

Any kind of snow blower servicing and repair should be done by technicians who have the qualifications and expertise. This will ensure the safe and proper operation of the machine without voiding an existing warranty.

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